original soundtrack

16 original songs, from 10 writers in the marijuana milieu, available as a download or CD from CDBaby and Amazon or as a download from iTunes

CD front cover.jpg

Track listing:

1.   Emerald Ball

2.   Nuggy Nuggy Nuggy

3.   OG It's Kush to be Mary Jane

4.   Grow Inside

5.   Rasta Tea Party

6.   Humboldt Honey

7.   Why is Whiskey Legal and Pot is Not

8.   Wanna Get High

9.   Green Like Money

10. Trimmers' Flamenco

11. The Industry

12. Officer/Child

13. My Son

14. Corporate Raiders (This Bud's For You)

15.  Ghost Town

16. Please Tax Us

17. Nuggy Nuggy Nuggy reprise

performed by the cast and the mary jane band